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The European Center for Refractories (ECREF) has the task of promoting science and research as well as education and professional training in the field of refractory products throughout Europe. For this purpose, training and further education programs are offered via integrative measures in order to strengthen the European position of the refractory industry in the long term. What are we doing?

  • Program development for a European competence center for refractory materials and technologies
  • Promotion of education and training in the field of refractory products
  • Organization and implementation of scientific seminars, colloquia and similar events
  • Support for talented people by awarding scholarships and prizes for scientific work in the field of refractory products
  • Monitoring of standardization activities

In order to successfully implement these goals, close and trusting cooperation with partners from business, universities and society is necessary

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European Center for Refractories

In order to operate all high-temperature process plants in the industrial sectors, the use of refractory products is systemically relevant.

The needs-based manufacture and individual processing of refractory products ensure sustainable production operations in the following sectors:

  • Iron and steel production
  • Non-ferrous metallurgy
  • Cement-lime-gypsum manufacture
  • Ceramics and glass industry
  • Chemicals and petroleum processing
  • Energy industry
  • Incineration of waste

With the knowledge and experience from materials testing (DIFK) and from research and development (FGF) and with the support and strength of the entire industry in the network of the business association (DFFI), networked measures and programs can be offered in the European Refractory Center which are uniquely bundled at one location worldwide.

Our partners

Cooperation and office community in the Ceramics Cluster in Höhr-Grenzhausen

In the European Refractory Center, other organizations are linked in a shared office:

Logo Deutsche Feuerfest-Industrie e. V.

German Refractory Industry e. V.

The German Refractory Industry Association e. V. has represented the interests of German manufacturers since 1949. As a business association, the DFFI is in dialogue with all social groups. As a link between the individual interests, the association represents the positions of the industry in public.

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Logo Forschungsgemeinschaft Feuerfest e. V. (FGF)

Forschungsgemeinschaft Feuerfest e. V.

The Forschungsgemeinschaft Feuerfest e. V. (FGF) carries out research and development projects with a wide range from basic research to publicly funded joint research between producers and users to individual cooperation in product or process technology.

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Logo Deutsches Institut für Feuerfest und Keramik GmbH

German Institute for Refractory and Ceramics GmbH

The German Institute for Refractory and Ceramics GmbH (DIFK) is the materials testing laboratory for refractory raw materials, products and system solutions. It has been recognized by the German accreditation body according to DIN EN ISO / IEC 17025 and the international agreement according to ILAC-MRA for many years.

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With the headquarters of the four organizations in the specially erected ECREF building and through the close cooperation in the Westerwald Campus with the neighboring institutes of the Bildungs- und Forschungszentrum Keramik e. V. will provide knowledge about refractory products and their manufacture