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UNITECR 2023 - Conference ProceedingsSpecial offer until the end of November: 50 Euro.

Höhr-Grenzhausen, 08. November 2023

At UNITECR2023 more than 1,100 participants attended the conference in Frankfurt, received the proceedings and heard about the current state of technology on the key topic THE CARBON CHALLENGE.

They discuss it with the 219 speakers and other participants. This exchange of knowledge is valuable so that the industry's upcoming tasks in production and application can be further developed and implemented.

UNITECR President Andus Buhr said: If we would quickly spread knowledge about “The Carbon Challenge” around the world, we should offer the proceedings for everyone who was unable to attend the conference.

The UNITECR2023-Proceedings are now available until the end of November at a price of 50 Euros (including VAT).

Refractory – “Friends for Fifty”

Click here for the 50 Euro special offer: https://ecref.tentary.com/p/3cR6S9


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